Starts: Tue, 13th of September 2022

Ends: Tue, 15th of November 2022

Cost: $179 per person


Alfred Street, Norwood

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18 Alfred Street
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The Way of Devotion

Practical Philosophy continues after the Introductory Course – The Wisdom Within, with classes that advance and guide students to open their awareness more fully and connect more deeply within themselves. Each Foundation Course covers a single theme that builds on the material introduced in The Wisdom Within. Foundation courses are offered in no particular order, at different times of the year.

The next foundation course, The Way of Devotion, will be offered starting Tuesday, 13th of September 2022. The course consists of one session per week for 10 weeks, on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Each session lasting 2 hours with a short break in the middle. The cost for this 10-week course is $179.

Enrol online before 18th August by using the promo code “SpringOffer” and pay only $150 per person.


Refund Policy:

  • Students may cancel their enrolment, for any reason, before the end of the second week of term, irrespective of whether they have attended a class. The enrolment fee will be refunded, less a $15.00 administration charge.

  • If COVID-19 related regulations change after the course has started:

    • A partial refund will be offered or the option to defer to a later date.
    • An option to switch-over and participate online via the Zoom Meetings platform.

About the course

When actions become liberating rather than binding the power of devotion naturally opens up in a person. The desire to be devoted lies within the heart of everyone. The devotion may be to anything, for example to a football club, to one’s family, a job, a cause, or to a God. This is an exceedingly powerful force in human life. The aim will be to understand how this power of devotion can help to bring about both an understanding of people’s true nature and an expression of that nature.


This course, being practical, also considers devotion and its relationship to the various roles we play in our daily lives, love and work, love and our closest relationships and even love and law.

  • What does it mean to be devoted to freedom or wisdom?

  • What are effects of devotion?

  • How can real devotion be strengthened?

  • How can blind devotion be avoided?

  • How can devotion become love in action?

COVID Compliance for Face to Face Courses

Our face-to-face courses are running in compliance with the following rules.

Covid Safety Measures

  • Sanitation Stations are set up across the venue
  • Social Distancing and health protocols are implemented