We believe in the spirit of enquiry…

What is the School of Philosophy?

The Adelaide School of Practical Philosophy is a branch of the School of Philosophy (Melbourne) Inc. which is a registered, not for profit organisation that teaches Philosophy in a ‘practical’ sense for the benefit of all interested individuals and the community at large. It is ‘practical’ in the sense that its teachings are relevant to everyday life. All work in the school is carried out by students and tutors in a spirit of service and philosophical practice.

Who runs the School of Philosophy?

The School is administered by a Committee of Management, who are current senior students.

Is the School associated with, or part of any other organisation or religion?

The School is associated with other Schools of Practical Philosophy across the globe, with the Head Office in the UK. The School is non-denominational, follows a philosophy and is not a religion. The Course is on offer to everyone regardless of education, occupation, race, political or religious belief. It addresses the spirit in all mankind. In the early 60’s the School made contact with one of the twentieth century’s greatest exponents of Advaita Vedanta,Shri Shantananda Saraswati from whom it received valuable guidance in the study and practice of philosophy. The School follows the concept of unity which is at the heart of Eastern and Western philosophy and religion alike.

How long has the School been going?

The School of Philosophy has its roots in the London based School of Economic Science, founded in 1937. Its founders explored new possibilities for a system that would bring about economic justice, against the severity of 1930’s economic depression. This form of study of economics led naturally to the study of philosophy to gain deeper insight into the natural laws governing humanity. During the late 1950’s, philosophy became the central subject of study and practice within the School and has remained so, ever since. The School expanded outside London in 1960; its branches now cover most regions throughout the world, including Australia. The School has been operating in Australia since 1967.