Foundation Courses

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Courses start on the week of 22nd  of May and end on the week of 8th of August 2023. There is a mid-term break, from Mon, 26th of June to Sun 9th July. The Foundation Courses are a follow-on from our Introductory Course and we explore other great themes. These consists of one session per week for 10 weeks, each session lasting 2 1/4 hours. The only pre-requisite is the completion of our Introductory Course.

Enrol before end of 16th of May 2023 by entering the promo code “EarlyBird” and pay only $150 per person.

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For those wishing to continue with the exploration of practical philosophy, further courses are offered by the school, which serve to expand and deepen students’ appreciation of the search for wisdom. Practical philosophy, indeed, is not so much a subject of study as a way of life, and thus these courses provide the opportunity for ongoing exploration. There are many students around the world who have been attending the School’s courses for several decades!


These are some of the foundation courses offered by the School, each of which lasts for ten weeks, exploring the following topics:

The Way of Knowledge –  Where does knowledge come from? How does knowledge appear? What is the difference between information and knowledge? How can knowledge be transformative? What is reason and how does it work?

Philosophy and Freedom – What is the true nature of freedom? How may freedom be experienced fully and constantly? In what ways is freedom lost? How does this apply both to individuals and to societies?


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