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Introductory Course – Starts Tue, 4th of February 2020

The next Introductory Course starts on Tuesday, 4th of February 2020. This is a 10-week course and consists of one session per week for 10 weeks, each session lasting  2 ½ hours, including a break for refreshments. The cost is $180.00 per person, payable in full before the course commences.

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Course Cost is $180.00 per person

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About the course

Drawing on the great philosophic ideas of both East and West, past and present, this course explores the meaning of wisdom, truth, consciousness, the real nature of Humanity and what inhibits its development.

It is for all, regardless of education, age, race, political or religious beliefs.

The philosophy of the course is that Humanity in truth is limitless and that there is a unity underlying all the apparent diversity in our daily lives. This is known as non-dualistic philosophy.


Above all, this course is about practical philosophy. This means that the principles discussed in class can be put to effective practical use in work, study and every aspect of daily life. No previous knowledge of the subject is necessary.

Classes are conducted in a friendly and openhearted atmosphere. Philosophical principles and examples are presented to the class, and students are encouraged to discuss these in the light of their own experience and to seek further understanding of the principles by putting them into practice during the week.

Simple exercises are also given that help to strengthen attention and bring rest and clarity to the mind.

The course is offered normally twice a year and there are subsequent courses for those who wish to continue the study of this philosophy.

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