What would Plato say?

We are pleased to invite you, your family and friends to this special event  Saturday 6th July 2024.

How do I decide? Which is the right choice? Can I learn to make consistently good decisions?

Decision making can be challenging for all of us. During our lives we are presented with many choices, some will be life-changing, others will be perhaps more routine or mundane. Every choice we make inevitably has consequences, so it makes sense to gain some understanding and guidance on how to go about making those choices.

Plato’s dialogues are a gold mine of knowledge on this very subject. Plato’s main character, Socrates, declared to be the wisest man in the world in 399 BC, said that he had an inner voice that guided him. Do we all have an ‘inner voice’? If so, how do we gain access to it? How do we hear it? How do we interpret what it’s saying?

We will spend the day at the feet of these two great masters, and discover what they can teach us in relation to these most important questions.

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The full price for this special event is $109. Enrol before 23rd of June 2024 and enter the PLATO code for only $89. The concession  for Students and Healthcare/Pensioner card price is only $79. 

Plato and the modern world
Foundation member of the School of philosophy in Melbourne.

We are privileged to offer this event to our Adelaide Practical Philosophy students and anyone interested in how the ancient wisdom can help us find our own answers to the big questions of life and live a happier life in our modern world.

The event is facilitated by Marita Brewster, a foundation member of the School of philosophy in Melbourne. She has studied and tutored philosophical concepts for over 40 years.

Marita leads the Plato faculty in the School and facilitates seminars in Platonic philosophy in Australia and abroad. She is the author of the book ‘Dialectic – a practical guide for Philosophers’. You can download this book from the Melbourne School of Philosophy.

Marita has been instrumental in helping to instil platonic principles at Erasmus Primary School and all her workshops are interactive and facilitated through Dialectic, also known as the Socratic Method.

Melbourne Plato School Event in Adelaide

Book Now!
Book Now!


Sat 6th of July 2024
9:00am to 3:30pm


The Hall (Unitarian Church)

99 Osmond Terrace
Norwood SA 5067

Parking: on site and on the street


$109 (tea break & lunch included)

Use the code “PLATO” for our early bird price $89 before 23rd June

About Plato

No exploration into wisdom and self-knowledge would be complete without reference to Plato, whose dialogues were written in the 4th Century BC and are still available intact. Plato covered a vast range of subjects, and everything he wrote has a remarkable relevance to our modern world. No matter the subject we will find in the Platonic dialogues remarkable insight and wisdom to guide and develop our thinking.

The School worldwide has spent many years exploring the works of Plato, and a a new translation of the Complete Works of Plato by Dr David Horan, the leader of the School in Ireland, is now available on-line.


Above all, this event is about practical philosophy. This means that the principles discussed during the workshop can be put to effective practical use in work, study and every aspect of daily life. No previous knowledge of the subject is necessary. You will enjoy a soulful Saturday in a friendly and openhearted atmosphere.

The event will start at 9:00am and finish at 3:30pm.

Tea, coffee and refreshments provided from 10:30am to 11:00am.

Tea, coffee and lunch provided from 1:00pm to 1:45pm.

Your investment for this unique and vibrant event is $109.

Enrol before 23rd June 2024 and enter the PLATO code for only $89. The concession  for Students and Healthcare/Pensioner card price is only $79.