Starts at 6:30pm: Tue, 30th of Jan 2024

Ends at 6:30pm: Tue, 16th of Apr 2024

Cost: $179 per person


Alfred Street, Norwood

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The Five Koshas

Practical Philosophy continues after the Introductory Course – The Wisdom Within, with classes that advance and guide students to open their awareness more fully and connect more deeply within themselves. Each Foundation Course covers a single theme that builds on the material introduced in The Wisdom Within. Foundation courses are offered in no particular order, at different times of the year.

This next foundation course, The Five Koshas, will be offered starting Tuesday, 30th of Jan 2024. The course consists of one session per week for 10 weeks, on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm. Each session lasting 2 1/4 hours with a tea-break in the middle. After the first 5 weeks there will be a 2 weeks break followed by another 5 weeks. The cost for this 10-week course is $179. Enrol before 31st Dec 2023 and enter the “Early Bird” code for only $150.


Refund Policy:

  • Students may cancel their enrolment, for any reason, before the end of the second week of term, irrespective of whether they have attended a class. The enrolment fee will be refunded, less a $15.00 administration charge.

  • If COVID-19 related regulations change after the course has started:

    • A partial refund will be offered or the option to defer to a later date.
    • An option to switch-over and participate online via the Zoom Meetings platform.

About the course

The five Koshas work much like clouds when they cover the sun. The sun does not stop shining and is unaffected by the clouds and yet, when covered, its light appears much dimmer.  When the clouds depart the sun is seen to be shining in all its glory still.

So it is with the essence of our being. It can be hidden from sight, but this does not mean that it has ceased to be.

Each kosha is progressively more refined and more subtle than the one before. Understanding their nature means being free of their limits. Being free of their limits makes it possible to know your self as you truly are.


The idea that the essence of each being is hidden within five kosha, or sheathes, has its origins in the ancient Taittirīya Upanishad. The Upanishad shows how a knowledge of these five sheathes can lead to a positive realisation of who I truly am.

Different philosophies interpret the teaching on the five kosha differently. We will take our lead from Advaita philosophy, which shows how these five kosha protect and nourish the essence of the human being, but also how they can stop the unwary soul from discovering who or what they really are. There is a story in the Taittirīya Upanishad Knowledge about how these five kosha are like nests for being. Although the five Koshas can conceal the self from view, they can also be the very means for displaying the glory of the self. Some of the topics explored are:

  • Breaking free of the Koshas as limits.

  • Food and the cycle of life.

  • Breath and life-force.

  • Mind-force.

  • The knowledge-sheath.