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Weekend Residential:
Nunyara Conference Centre
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5 Burnell Drive
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Phone: 08 7423 0366

How do I decide? Which is the right choice? Can I learn to make consistently good decisions?

Decision making can be challenging for all of us. During our lives we are presented with many choices, some will be life-changing, others will be perhaps more routine or mundane. Every choice we make inevitably has consequences, so it makes sense to gain some understanding and guidance on how to go about making those choices.

Plato’s dialogues are a gold mine of knowledge on this very subject. Plato’s main character, Socrates, declared to be the wisest man in the world in 399 BC, said that he had an inner voice that guided him. Do we all have an ‘inner voice’? If so, how do we gain access to it? How do we hear it? How do we interpret what it’s saying?

We will spend the day at the feet of these two great masters, and discover what they teach us in relation to these most important questions.

  • “The point of philosophy is to challenge you, to make you uncomfortable. It’s to fix the illnesses of the soul, of the mind. Even though there are passages of Meditations that are soothing and reassuring, a lot of them are jarring, a lot of them are uncomfortable or make you think a lot, and a lot of them you might instinctively disagree with. But that’s the point of philosophy: it’s not supposed to be your instructor, it’s supposed to be a kind of medicine.

  • 80% refund (for any reason) is available should you change your mind, if notification is received before 15th October 2020. No refund after 15th October.

  • If COVID-19 related regulations change preventing the course to go ahead:

    • Full refund will be offered or
    • The option to defer to a later date.


What to Expect

The sessions and the retreat offer a unique and effective approach to exploring the great questions of life: Who am I? How can I be truly happy? How can I be at peace? What is the purpose of my life? How may I realise my full potential?

Once you enrol, you will receive a Welcome Pack with all the information and material for the weekend retreat.

This intensive course is providing you the opportunity to explore practical mindful practices and to be inspired by the world’s great Philosophical teachings, both East and West, which have stood the test of time.

Those who join this event will experience nourishing, creative conversations facilitated by the School’s group of Tutors.

During the weekend retreat there will be opportunities for relaxation and plenty of delicious, nutritious vegetarian food prepared from local produce. It will be a space where you will experience a sense of self-discovery and connection.

You will leave feeling nourished, listened to, nurtured, and with a toolbox of ways to help you stay calm, well and centred and better prepared for whatever life may throw at you.


  • If you only do one course in your life, this is it!
  • The course opened my eyes to a completely different way of thinking and approaching life. I learnt life lessons.
  • The school draws on content from diverse sources and presents it in a cohesive structure to support a given theory that is for the benefit of all. In drawing on such diverse content sources the theory presented is given more weight and feels more inclusive.
  • Thank you, as it has enhanced my life!

Instructions for online courses using Zoom

Once you enrol get ready for your first session by ensuring you have the following hardware and software.

Hardware equipment required:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with camera and microphone and also Internet connectivity
  • Alternatively can use a smartphone or tablet – Apple or Android compatible

Software required:

  • Download and install on your computer the free Zoom application by clicking on this link:
  • Similarly a smartphone or tablet can be used, by downloading the corresponding Zoom App for Apple or Android