Subsequent courses following the introductory

Continuation Courses – Online

As per the latest developments in our changing world, in compliance with the Australian Government directives and medical advice concerning COVID-19, as of the 23 March 2020 all Practical Philosophy courses have been moved and delivered via an online platform. This consists of using Zoom, a popular live cloud meeting service, which works reasonably well and is very user friendly.

For those wishing to continue with the exploration of practical philosophy, further courses are now offered online by the School of Philosophy, which serve to expand and deepen students’ appreciation of the search for wisdom. Practical philosophy, indeed, is not so much a subject of study as a way of life, and thus these courses provide the opportunity for ongoing exploration. There are many students around the world who have been attending the School’s courses for several decades.

The Continuation Courses are a follow-on from our Introductory Course and we explore other great themes as detailed in the Topics section below. Structured similarly, they consists of one online session per week for 5 to 10 weeks, each session lasting 1¼ hours. The cost is $89.00 per person, payable in full before the course commences. The only pre-requisite is the completion of our Introductory Course.

Instructions for online courses using Zoom

Once you enroll get ready for your first lecture by ensuring you have the following hardware and software

Hardware equipment required:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with camera and microphone and also Internet connectivity
  • Alternatively can use a smartphone or tablet – Apple or Android compatible

Software required:

  • Download and install on your computer the free Zoom application by clicking on this link:
  • Similarly a smartphone or tablet can be used, by downloading the corresponding Zoom App for Apple or Android


The first nine courses offered by the School—each of which lasts for twelve weeks (except for the 10 week Introduction)—explore the following topics:

Introduction: Wisdom – An exploration of the meaning of Wisdom, and what it means in practice to live wisely.

Happiness – What is happiness, and how may it be found? This course explores the principle that true happiness comes from within.

Love – Perspectives on the universal nature of Love, and how to free up the natural flow of love.

Presence of Mind – Explores the meaning and value of wakefulness, and presents insights on how to live in the moment and make the most of life.

Freedom – This course examines how true freedom can only be found when we are freed from the tyranny of limiting ideas, beliefs and habits.

The Way of Action – An exploration of how to engage with the world but not get entangled by life’s challenges.

The Way of Devotion – This course explores the meaning of true devotion, and how an attitude of devotion helps on the path of self-development.

The Way of Knowledge – What is true knowledge, and what is the role of reason and discrimination in the process of self-development?

The Way of the Householder – This course demonstrates how the pursuit of practical philosophy can be harmonized with a fully active and engaged life, and how philosophy can add to the richness and enjoyment of daily life.


For those who wish to take it up, the practice of Meditation is also offered to students.

The system of meditation offered by the School of Philosophy is mantra-based. Though this ancient practice originates in India, it has no religious implications or restriction to any religion, but is designed to awaken the human spirit which is not bound to any religion. Thus it serves to support and enrich the lives of all people, no matter what their background.